Travel with social media

I like social media and I like to travel so I’m always looking for ways to combine both.  One of the ways I’ve done that is by starting this blog.  From talking to people however, I’ve found that not many people know how much they can benefit from combining social media and holidays.  Here are some ideas on that:


  • Start with the almighty Google.  Before you go on a trip, Google your destination.  Google isn’t considered social media but it could point you in the direction of relevant social media pages related to your holiday.


  • Search for major attractions on Twitter and follow them.  You could get up-to-the-minute info that way and more.  For example, when I was in Dubai, I followed The Dubai Mall on Twitter which is how I found out when specific shops started their sales.


  • Of course, you know you can upload photographs onto Facebook but why not try Instagram, the social platform that lets you apply filters to pictures you take giving them a retro look.  Plus you can follow people and they can follow you too.  Instagram is a fast and fun way to see what people are up to and to share your life too.


  • Even if you’re not going anywhere at the moment, social networking sites like Twitter and Instagram help you daydream and can give you ideas of where to go next.


  • It pays to follow accounts that give you updates about the particular city you’re in.  You can find out things to do and things to avoid by following them.  For example, @trafficbutter on Twitter gives updates about traffic in Lagos.


So you see, social media isn’t just about ‘poking’ and accepting friend requests from people you don’t know, it’s also about making holidays more fun.


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