Travel pictures: Hawaii (Part 2)

I spent a few days in Hawaii and thoroughly enjoyed myself.  Hawaii is made up of 8 islands and I went to two of them – Oahu and (confusingly) Hawaii.  Hawaii is the biggest of the Hawaiian islands and is also called The Big Island or The Volcano Island.  Here are a few pictures from that trip.  I split the into two posts so you don’t get photo overload 🙂  You can see the first part here .

9 standing on solidified lava flows lava field in hilo

Standing on solidified lava flows in Hilo, Hawaii.  I love this picture.  I feel like the sun ray is saying I was in the right place.

10 solidified lava

Touching solidified lava.  It felt unreal.  Seeing volcanoes and their effects at Hilo really excited me and reminded me of how much I loved studying Geology.  So many years after studying volcanoes, I finally understood some of what we were taught in class.

11 thurston lava tube hawaii where lava once flowed 500 years old

Standing in a lava tube, an underground channel created by flowing lava.  It was huge!  Standing in a lava tube helps you understand how lava can cause so much damage when it comes to the surface.  Apart from the heat, there is just so much of it!

13 turtles in hilo

It was cute seeing turtles.  They are known to come onto the rocks in Hilo, Hawaii to rest.

14 waikiki at night

A view of Waikiki beach at night.

15 waimea falls oahu hawaii

Hawaii has some of the most stunning waterfalls.  What struck me most about Hawaii’s waterfalls was how many there were.  It seemed there was one everywhere you turned.  These are the Waimea Falls in Oahu.


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