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tolu ogunlesi

Tolu Ogunlesi

My Lagos is an interview-style feature in which people who know Lagos share their favourite things to see and do in this great city.

1.    Describe Lagos in three words.

It’s. The. Gidiopolis (whatever that means) – sorry, 6 words.

2.    What is your favourite thing to do in Lagos?

Sit in TerraKulture, surrounded by friends and, er, uhm, fans and well-wishers.

3.    What is your favourite bar or club in Lagos and why?

I’m not really a bar / club person.  I think I’m growing old.  If I found a non-smoking bar/club in Lagos maybe I’d love it.

4.    What is your favourite restaurant in Lagos and why?

See Question 2.  Why? Not sure – it brings together a lot of the things I consider close to my heart: books (there’s a library and then a bookstore), WiFi, newspapers, food and interesting events.  And I always run into interesting people there.

5.    What do you love about Lagos?

It’s a city like no other, I think. The energy, the hustle, the randomness, the insane-ness, the opportunity of it.

6.    If you met someone new to Lagos, how would you suggest they spend a day in the city?

Just one day? That’s a tough one. If they don’t spend at least half of it in traffic then they can’t say they’ve seen Lagos. (At least half of that traffic-half should be spent on 3rd Mainland Bridge). The other half should be divided amongst the following places: Bar Beach (or any other beach), Freedom Park, Afrika Shrine, a boat ride from CMS to Apapa, and the Gani Fawehinmi Park in Ojota (HQ of ‘Occupy Nigeria’).


Tolu Ogunlesi is a journalist, blogger and aspiring entrepreneur (yes!) based in Lagos, Nigeria. He writes a weekly column for the PUNCH newspaper, and spends a lot of time on Twitter.  Check out his blog and his Facebook page for more.


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Photograph courtesy Tolu Ogunlesi