The best season to go on holiday

In Lagos, where I live, there are two basic seasons:  rainy and dry season and right now, we’re in the rainy part.  You can’t miss it.  Rainy season runs roughly from April till October and it rains pretty much everyday during the season.  Harmattan, (I can never say that word without thinking of Ralph Fiennes in The English Patient. Sigh.) when the winds from the Sahara blows into the southern part of Nigeria, occurs between December and March (according to what I was taught in primary school many many years ago) but these days, we only feel the Harmattan in Lagos for a few days in December and January.  Some people love Harmattan because the weather is cool then but I dislike it.  Fine, it is cold in the mornings but then it gets unbelievably hot in the afternoons – almost like the weather is trying to show off its range.  When I think about the haze, dry skin and chapped lips that inevitably come with it, it’s hardly surprising I’m not a Harmattan fan.

For me, the weather in Lagos is best in August.  The rain is light then and the temperature is cool.  In fact, the temperature in Lagos in August is often lower than London’s during that month which is why I’m baffled as to why so many Nigerians complain about the heat in Lagos then go to London in August when temperatures there match some of Lagos’ hottest.  Weird.  Another reason August is a great time to be in Lagos is because traffic is lighter then.  I put this down to school kids being on holiday and so many people being in London 😉 

August may be the ideal time to be in Lagos weather-wise but generally, December is the fun-est month of the year and not just because it’s my birthday month 😉 .  Lots of people who live abroad come to be with their families at Christmas time and there are endless parties, concerts and other events to attend.  Many offices close from Christmas Eve till January 2nd so once again, traffic is light and everyone just seems to be in a happy mood.  Lagos is chaotic, true but it is also mad fun.

When is your favourite season to go on holiday?  When is your favourite time to be at home?  Tell us in the comments!


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Photograph by Linh Ngan