How to survive airports

My least favourite part of travelling is airports and I suspect it’s the same for many people.  However, since I know I dislike being in airports, I go out of my way to enjoy the experience.  Here are some of the things I do to make my time in airports more pleasurable:

How to save money on holiday

There are many many ways to save money before and during a holiday.  Here are a few to set you up for a cheap but chic holiday. Do your research.  The first step in finding out how to do most things on the cheap is by going on the internet.  I can’t count the number…

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The funniest plane ride

Nothing particularly embarrassing has happened to me on a plane before but I do remember some funny incidences.  One of my favourites was when my parents and I were going on holiday when I was a teenager.  A man sitting across the aisle from us on the plane kept asking for beer and the air…

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How to enjoy plane rides

Photograph by austinevan For many people, plane rides are a necessary evil – something to be endured in order to get to a desired destination.  I see things differently.  For me, a plane ride is a luxury, something to be enjoyed and part of my holiday.  Seeing plane rides this way didn’t just happen.  It…

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My first plane ride ever

Photograph by smemon87                                   I was about 6 years old so I don’t remember many details.  Domestic air transportation in those days was a nightmare from what I can remember.  It seemed as if Nigeria Airways was the only airline available to for air travel within Nigeria.  At the domestic airport, I remember a crowd of…

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