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Restaurant Review: Rhapsody’s, Ikeja

Rhapsody’s, Ikeja Rhapsody’s is a restaurant of South African origin with two branches in Lagos – one at Ikeja City Mall, Alausa and the other on Agoro Odiyan Street, Victoria Island.  I went to the restaurant in Ikeja.  Rhapsody’s Ikeja has a black and cream theme with lots of glass and mirrors everywhere.  It feels a bit like a restaurant on a spaceship but with pop music.  Somehow, I can’t imagine pop music on a spaceship but I digress. 

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Why don’t people travel more? (Hint: it’s not the reason you think)

I used to think the major thing preventing Nigerians from travelling was money.  However as I get older, I meet more and more people with more than enough money to travel who don’t.  That has led me to conclude that the main reason Nigerians don’t travel is

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Travel Pictures: Calabar (Part 1)

I had a great time on holiday in Calabar.  Here are some pictures from that trip.  I split the pictures from the trip into two posts so you don’t get photo-overload   You can see the second part here. This sculpture of hands is at the park near the Calabar Museum and is associated with Calabar.

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5 great things to do in Calabar

This roundabout in Calabar is called the Calabar Calabar roundabout.  I haven’t the foggiest idea why Calabar, the capital of Cross River state in Nigeria, is associated with tourism.  It’s nearly impossible to live in a city in Nigeria and not have come across one of many advertisements encouraging people to come to Calabar especially for their annual carnivals and Christmas concerts.  Apart from the carnivals and concerts, when people  think of Calabar, they often think of a clean place with little traffic and no okadas (commercial motorcycles). 

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Hotel Review: Axari Hotel, Calabar

An executive/ single room at Axari Hotel Axari is a medium-sized hotel about 15 minutes drive from the Calabar International Airport.  It is a reasonably-priced hotel – single rooms cost N13, 500 per night and the rooms are clean, large and decently-furnished.  I’m not sure you can find such a room at that price in Lagos. 

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Picture of the Month: Calabar

I’ve been wanting to go to Calabar for a long time and finally, I got the chance.  This photograph I took in Calabar is one of my favourites from that trip.  The sun was setting and I was lucky enough to capture the different shades of orange and blue that came with the moment.  I also like

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A sweet post: my favourite ice-cream places in Lagos

If you follow me on Instagram , you’ll know that I love ice-cream.  It’s not like I have it everyday but it’s definitely a comfort food for me.  (Is ice-cream even food?)  Anyway, because of my deep feelings for ice-cream, I have searched far and wide (within Lagos, you understand) for the best ice-cream and am happy to report the result of my scientific research.

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How to handle traffic in Lagos

If I really knew how to handle traffic in Lagos, I would be a millionaire by now from all the books sold and workshops held.  I know the basics about staying sane in Lagos traffic but the truth is by writing this article, I am hoping to help myself while helping you.   I often read on Penelope’s blog that most people think they are the exception to the rule when actually, they are the rule not the exception.  In fact, one of the examples Penelope gave was that research found that most people think they are better drivers than average but when given tests, those same people turn out to be average drivers.  This little anecdote applies to Lagos in two ways:  first, I feel like the traffic in Lagos is unique.  Most cities of the world are plagued by traffic but even the average person from New York, London or some other major city would have to say Lagos takes the cake.  That’s what I think anyway.  I feel the traffic in Lagos is different but maybe it’s not so different after all.  Maybe it is the same in its awfulness as traffic in other parts of the world.  … Continue reading

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‘Round the world ticket (September 2012)

  Here are links to some great articles I found on the net. Nigeria’s Independence Day is on October 1.  With a long weekend coming up soon, this post gives ideas on things to do

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Restaurant Review: The Voyager

The Voyager is one of the restaurants at the Radisson Blu Hotel in Lagos.  The restaurant has pretty views of the Lagos Lagoon and its wooden floor gives the place a warm feel.  The Voyager links onto Radisson Blu’s other restaurant, the Surface Bar & Grill which is on a terrace right by the lagoon.  Sitting on the terrace, you can enjoy the wind on your face, watch cars make their way across Falomo Bridge and smile as jet skis race past canoes slowly paddling on the lagoon, all while enjoying your meal from either The Voyager or The Surface Bar & Grill.   The Voyager offers a buffet of both Nigerian and continental dishes.  I eat Nigerian food at home all the time so I decided to go continental at The Voyager.  I started with a mix of a seafood salad, some olives and pickled onions.  The shrimps in the salad tasted fresh and I always like olives so I was pretty satisfied with the starter. My starter at The Voyager For mains, I had some pumpkin (which I had never tried before and which was a bit like soft, orange-coloured yam), slices of pork, stir-fried vegetables and a … Continue reading

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