Holidays with Sarah Von Bargen

One of Sarah’s most memorable trips was to the Amazon Forest. 1.    Tell us about the very first solo trip you remember taking. My first really big trip was to Steinheim, Germany when I was 18.  I was part of an exchange program and I stayed with the family of a lovely girl that my family…

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Holidays with Funsho Ogundipe

A castle in Switzerland.  Funsho’s most memorable holiday was in Switzerland. 1.Tell us about the very first holiday you remember going on. I believe it was going on a visit to Ilesha. Like most children, we enjoyed climbing trees, exploring the area and eating lots of food. 2. What has been your most memorable holiday?…

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Picture of the Month: Istanbul

Did you know Istanbul isn’t the capital of Turkey?  You see, you learn all sorts from reading my blog 😉  Ankara is the capital.  I had no idea either until I was doing research for this post.  Istanbul may not be the capital of Turkey but it is

Honeymoon Holiday: Deji and Banke

Honeymoon holiday is a regular feature on this blog.  It’s an interview-style feature where different people tell us about their honeymoons.  Enjoy it.   Deji and Banke at Loch Lomond 1.    When did you go on your honeymoon? October 2012   2.    Where did you go on your honeymoon?

Picture of the month: Rome

I’ve recently been taken by the TV series, Rome (years after most people have seen it, I might add).  Liking the show has made me want to go to Rome and try to match the Rome I would see in real life with the Rome in the TV series.  This picture is the image I…

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What to do in August

      Want to know when a new blog post of mine comes up? All you need to do is subscribe to my blog.  It’s free!  Just enter your email address into the box on the right.  Please share this post on Twitter or Facebook by clicking on the icon below the post or…

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