How to spend Valentine’s Day when you’re a single woman

how to spend valentine's day single

If you’re a single woman over the age of 30 and are dreading Valentine’s Day this year or if you’re wondering what on earth to do with yourself this Valentine’s Day, this video is for you.


In this video, I’m going to be sharing 3 tips or 3 ideas on how you can spend Valentine’s Day as a single woman over 30 and actually enjoy yourself.   So if that is something you’re interested in, watch this video.

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Prefer to read rather that watch the video?  Here’s what’s in it: 

Idea number 1 is to focus on work.  Valentine’s Day this year is on a Wednesday which is a good thing.  It means you don’t have to wonder how you’re going to fill your hours – you can just focus on work.  Or better still, you can focus on your career.  So think about your career, think about where you want it to be this time next year.  Once you decide what that is, start doing things that can help you get there and start today.


For example, you can start taking an online course or you can research how to get another degree or you can find out how to get the skills that you’ll need to change your career totally if that is what you want, if that is your dream.  Whatever you want your career to look like in a year’s time, start working on it today.  There’s no better time than Valentine’s Day.


Idea number 2 is to take the day off work.  If you can get it and if you’re feeling adventurous, take the day off work. Now, today is NOT the day to sit down at home and be watching films on your laptop.  That is not what is happening today.  Today is the day that you’re going to go out and do something different, something fun, something you’ve always wanted to do but you haven’t tried before – all those things that people seem to be having fun doing on Instagram.  Try them.


For example, apparently, there’s a buzzing surfing community in Lagos so can you take a surfing class?  Can you gather your friends together and all of you go to a tourist attraction?  Can you go to an art gallery and practise your drawing? Or maybe you and your friends can meet up and have drinks in the evening.  By the way, don’t go to any restaurants on Valentine’s Day, particularly at night, because all the restaurants will be packed and you’ll have to wait hours and hours for a table.  It’s just not a lot of fun if you’re not in a couple.


So what you guys should do, you and your friends, is go somewhere that is more drinks-based than food-based.  You’re more likely to have fun that way.   When you do that, you might find that you have so much fun that you want to do this regularly.  That is a good thing to do on Valentine’s Day as well.


My 3rd idea for you on what you can do on Valentine’s Day and have fun is to go on a virtual date.  I know that sounds unusual but it can be fun, trust me.  Just hear me out.  A virtual date is your ideal date with your ideal guy.  In fact, let’s go further – make it your ideal day with your ideal guy.  All of this, you’re going to do in your head, you’re going to be imagining.


How does your ideal day with your ideal guy start?  Does he come to pick you up?   Do you guys meet somewhere?  What are you wearing?  What is he wearing?  What do you guys do after you meet up?  Do you go somewhere to eat?  What do you spend the day doing?  And how does it feel?  Go into as much detail as possible.


One thing you have to note here though is that you should only imagine things that you really like.  For example, if you imagine that your guy comes to the door with a bunch of flowers but in real life, you’re not crazy about flowers, this virtual date is not going to be enjoyable for you and is just a waste of time.


Imagine the things that you really like.  Not the things that you think you should like or the things that you have read about.  Imagine your ideal day with your ideal guy going exactly the way you want it.  That is a virtual date and if you do it properly and you put as much emotion into it as possible, very soon, you’ll find yourself having that ideal day.  You won’t even believe it.  It’ll be like magic.  When it happens, make sure you contact me and tell me.


Those are my 3 ideas for you on how you can spend Valentine’s Day when you’re single, particularly if you’re a single woman over the age of 30.  I share daily love and relationship tips on Instagram so click here to follow me on Instagram and get those tips.


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