‘Round the world ticket (February 2012)

I’m constantly making goals and writing lists and I absolutely love reading about them.  This post from Nubby on setting goals for 2012 is great!

This list of 100 tips about life, people and happiness has a few things you might want to try.

I’ve travelled on my own to Senegal, South Africa and The Gambia.  Each time I tell someone I’m about to travel alone, they say something like “You’re brave.  I could never do that.”  In my opinion, something like participating a civil rights protest in front of armed soldiers is brave.  Travelling on your own is not.  I love this post by Earl on why you shouldn’t let fear of going alone stop you from travelling.

Sarah wrote this great article on how to get over post-trip blues.  Here’s one I wrote sometime ago on how to stay happy when you get back from holiday.

Maria is a decorator and colour expert.  She is also a great blogger.  Check out her post on 10 ways to create a money-making blog.

This article on how to chart the course of your career is so helpful.

 This article about living as a woman who is single, childless and over 35 is one of the most-touching things I have read in a long time.


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