Restaurant Review: The Ice Cream Factory

The Ice Cream Factory is a dessert restaurant in Victoria Island, Lagos.  Inside the restaurant, there are regular tables and chairs as well as soft, cosy armchairs with low tables on one side of the room.  You can either sit at a table and order what you want when a waiter brings you a menu or if you just want to breeze in and out, you can stand near the front of the restaurant and pick the ice-cream flavour or cake you’d like from the array in front of you.



Cookie Monster sundaes and a blackberry muffin

The Ice Cream Factory opens at noon and tends to be busy especially at weekends.  I went there one weekend and had an ice-cream sundae called the Cookie Monster and a chocolate-chip muffin.  Both were great.  If you’re looking for a place to sit down and have ice-cream, cake or waffles then the Ice Cream Factory is a pretty good bet.


Address:        1613B Omega Bank Road, off Adeola Hopewell Street, Lagos.

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