Restaurant Review: Crust and Cream

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Opening only about 9 months ago, Crust and Cream is one of the newer restaurants in Victoria Island.  What came to my mind the first time I walked into Crust and Cream was Ali Baba’s cave of wonder – not because the restaurant was festooned with jewels but because of its small entrance which lead to a rather large interior.  The restaurant was quite big inside and contained several large rooms for diners.   It was quite an unusual setting.

I ordered stir-fry noodles (which was rice vermicelli) with shrimps and a strawberry margarita while my friend had marinated prawns with Chinese fried rice and a lime margarita.  Although vermicelli never looks very good, I really liked my meal because it tasted wonderful!  My meal came with 2 hunks of garlic bread and the pasta portion was enough to kill my hunger and then some.  My friend’s meal wasn’t as tasty as mine.  Although I loved the marinated prawns, the Chinese fried rice was on the verge of being bland.  The vegetables that came with the marinated prawns though were awesome.  They were well-spiced so that even the most avid vegetable-hater would have loved them.

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The cocktails we ordered were not Crust and Cream’s strong point.  The strawberry margarita wasn’t as sweet as I’m used to and the lime margarita was the most sour drink I have ever tasted.  It was quite uncomfortable to drink.  I had a coffee after the meal and that was as good as what I’ve tasted anywhere else.

As we ate our meal, one of the restaurant’s managing staff asked if we’d like to use the restaurant’s wifi and entered the password into my phone himself.  While that seemed to add a personal touch, I wondered if he would stop at every table to do that on very busy days.  Another manager stopped by to ask about our meal and when we told him about the drinks, he said that that was simply their own drinks style and we could have new cocktails made more to our taste if we wanted.  We didn’t take him up on it but it was nice of him to offer.

The best things about Crust and Cream are the food, the service and the paintings on the wall.  The restaurant seems to double as an art gallery as there were several paintings with price tags underneath them on the walls.  The food at Crust and Cream is slightly more expensive than at other restaurants but it does taste good and is worth the price.


Price:           Two main courses, two cocktails and a cup of mocha cost N13, 500.

Address:       11 Musa Yaradua Street, Victoria Island, Lagos.

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