Podcast #52: How to look approachable

how to look approachable PODCAST www.lapesoetan.com

Some women realise that they don’t look approachable to men.  Others don’t realise they look unapproachable have been told so.  Now, if some random, rude person tells you you’re not approachable, it doesn’t mean you should take it seriously.  However, if you have been told by several people, men AND women, that you come off as unapproachable then maybe you should ask yourself if it’s true and take a long, hard look at yourself.  If you think you look unapproachable and want to change that, you’re in luck because that’s what I talk about in the latest episode of my podcast.  In this episode, I talk about how to look approachable.  Listen to it by clicking ‘play’ below.

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