What to do when people criticise your looks

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Hi guys!  Today, I’m going to be talking about something different.  I’m going to be talking about hair!  Okay, I’m joking 😉 but today’s topic does start with discussing my hair.  It’s not really about hair though.  It’s about something deeper than that.  Check out my video for today to find out what I mean.

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Okay, something is different today.  I have my real hair.  This is my real hair.  In most of my other videos, I had something else on.  So the thing about my real hair is I remember that my father always liked my real hair.  Whenever I did my hair like this, exactly like this, he was always like “This hairstyle suits you best.  This is your best hairstyle.  You look so wonderful with this hairstyle.” and I would be like, “Daddy, this isn’t a hairstyle.”


But the thing is that I noticed that a lot of guys tell me that they like it  when my hair is like this, on the other hand women tend to tell me that they don’t like it when my hair is like this.  I remember at my old office, guys would tell me oh, they like my hair when it’s like this but then girls would be coming to meet me to say oh “When are you going to do your hair?”, “Ah, I don’t like you hair like this”, “Please go and do something to your hair”, “When are you going to fix weave-on?”


Then I remember one time I told a guy that women were always saying this to me and he was like well, he liked my hair like this and I was like so why do I get so much criticism from women about my hair and he was like “Who is your target?”  I laughed and laughed that day.  So the thing is that everybody gets criticism about their looks and that leads me to today’s topic which is WHAT TO DO WHEN YOU’RE CRITICISED ABOUT YOUR LOOKS.


Now like I said earlier, this happens to everybody.  I mean there are so many times when I have been criticised.  Generally, I don’t even believe you should point out your flaws to other people because if it’s something they haven’t noticed, by the time you are pointing it out to them they will notice it and then it might just take over their whole vision of you.  It’s never a good idea but the thing is that when some criticises you, you need to think about the person’s aim.  A lot the time, when somebody says nasty things about your looks, it’s because they want you to feel bad.  How is that a progressive thing?


Think about it.  If they want you to feel bad, in the grand scheme of things, that is not important.  If you have pimples on your face or you are fat or you have big ears, it doesn’t mean that people won’t like you.  It doesn’t mean that you are not a good person.  It doesn’t mean that you are not attractive.  You could have big ears and be very attractive.  You could be big and guys would just love you or even women will love you.  How you look does not matter in the grand scheme of things.  That is something you all need to remember.  Even I need to remember that from time to time because believe me I still get criticised about my looks from time to time.  It doesn’t happen as often as it used to but it still happens sometimes.


I have three tips for you on what to do when people criticise your looks.  The first thing you need to do is to minimise that negative point that someone has pointed out to you.  Just make it smaller in your mind and eventually push it away and make it disappear.  The next thing you need to do is to maximize the good things about yourself that you like.  So fine, somebody might have said that you were fat but remember that you are a kind person.  Remember that you always know how to make people laugh so maximize the things about yourself that you like.  The third thing you should do when people criticise you about your looks is that you should distance yourself from those people.


Those people are generally trying to make you feel bad and that is not something good in your life.  It’s not a positive thing.

Realise that these people are not your friend and little by little, put some distance between you and them.  As you do that, you’ll also attract better people into your life so that you can have people with positive energy and people who build you up around you.  That is what you need.


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