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There’s a ton of advice out there coming to women telling them what it is that men want.  Sometimes, women try all these things but they find out that they still can’t get a man to stay.  They’ve done everything in their power and now, they’re frustrated.  All that is in their minds right now is – what do men want?  I made this video to answer that question so if that’s something you’re interested in, please stick around and watch this video till the end.

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Women have been told from time immemorial that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.  Other women have been told that what you need to do is to be able to cook well as well as clean well, that that is what men want.  Finally, some people have been told that all that one is just drama.  What a guy wants is someone who can cook well, someone who can clean well and someone who can give him hot sex.


The thing is that some women have done all this.  They’ve brushed up on their recipes, they’ve gone to the guy’s place and cleaned and they’ve offered the guy sex on demand yet the guy treats them really badly or he even leaves.  The woman is left feeling confused.  She just doesn’t know what is going on and she doesn’t know what she’s doing wrong.  She feels like she has followed all the advice that she has been given but nothing is working out for her.


In this video, I’m going to be telling you what exactly it is that men want.  The thing is that you can cook for a guy and he’ll be unimpressed.   You can clean his place and that doesn’t make him feel loved.  In fact, some men feel caged when you do that.  And when it comes to sex, that doesn’t necessarily make a guy feel loved.  In fact, a guy can have sex with a woman yet feel unloved by her.


So what is it that men want?  The truth is that what men want from a woman is to feel loved. That’s it!  That’s the simple truth.  Men want to feel loved.  The thing is that different men feel differently about the things that women do so you have to know how to make a man feel loved.


If you love a guy but you don’t show it, he’s not going to feel loved and if you love a guy but you don’t show it in the way that he appreciates, he is not going to feel loved either.  So, it’s not okay if you love a guy but you’re not showing it or you don’t show it in the way he appreciates.  You’re just going to be frustrated in the end.


Knowing all this one wonders – how can you show a guy that you love him in a way that he appreciates it?  To do that, you need to KYC, as they say in Nigerian banks and that means you need to ‘Know Your Customer’.  In this case, your customer is your guy.  You need to know your guy so that you can show him love in the way that he appreciates it.


How do you find out how your guy appreciates love or what does he consider love?  What makes him feel loved?  There are 2 ways to find that out.  The first way is to ask him.  I know that that sounds strange and so unromantic but really, that’s the best way and if you ask him, he is probably going to tell you.  That’s the first way to find out what makes a guy feel loved.


The second way is to pay attention to the things he says and the things he does.  For example, if you always call a guy in the morning, just to say ‘hi’ and chat with him a bit but then one day you don’t call and he mentions it.  He’s like “You didn’t call me yesterday.  What happened?”  That might be all he says but he might be trying to tell you that your calling him every day and keeping in touch with him makes him feel loved.  It makes him feel like you care.


For some other guys, it’s when you ask them if they’ve eaten. I know that sounds a little weird but it’s true.  You don’t even actually have to cook anything but if you call a guy in the evening and you say, “Have you eaten tonight?  How are you?  What’s going on?”  For some guys, that makes them really feel loved but it works differently for different guys so you have to KYC, you have to know your customer and know what it is that makes your guy feel loved.


Ultimately, what a man wants from a woman is to feel loved.  Show a man you love him in a way that he appreciates it but don’t destroy yourself in the process.  It is only a man who shows that he loves you that deserves your love.


So ladies, that’s what a man is looking for in a woman.  I hope you enjoyed this video.  You can get daily tips from me on love and relationships by following me on Instagram.  You can also get my free e-books by clicking here.  Finally, if you enjoyed this post, please share it with your friends and also subscribe to my YouTube channel by clicking here.


I wish you love and strength.  Until next time, bye!