What it means if he won’t introduce you to his family

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Sometimes you meet a guy, you guys hit it off and you start dating.  Everything seems to be going fine until one day, you wake up and realise you haven’t met his family and you haven’t met his friends.  If you’re wondering what that is all about, you’re in luck because today I’ll be talking about what it means if your guy doesn’t introduce you to his family.

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We human beings love signs, especially when it comes to relationships.  I hear it all the time – “My guy did this, what does it mean?  My guy did that.  What does it mean?”  Today, I’ll be addressing one of the commonest signs that people look out for in relationships, especially in new relationships and that is when your partner does or does not introduce you to his family and friends.


Sometimes women contact me and tell me that they’ve been dating a guy for a while but he hasn’t introduced them to his family or to his friends and they’re wondering what it means.  Ladies, if a guy does NOT introduce you to his family and friends, the reason behind that is because he does not want them to meet you.  That is the surface meaning and I know that that sounds pretty obvious.


The deeper meaning behind your guy not introducing you to his family and friends is because he does not see a future in the relationship with you and therefore sees no point in introducing you to them.


I’m so sorry if that is bad news to you.  I never want to hurt you or do anything like that but I feel that this is something that must be said.  It’s better for me to give you bad news now and you can recalibrate and reassess whether this relationship is right for you rather than leave you to believe something that is not true and you keep investing yourself in this relationship only for it to fail years into the future.  That would be worse for you.  You would feel even more pain then.  So it’s better for me to break this news to you now and cause you a bit of pain than leave you and let you get all this horrible pain later.


So, the simple truth is that if a guy is not introducing you to those that are close to him, those that he loves, it’s because he does not see a future in this relationship with you.  What I’m trying to say is: if you think you’re in a serious relationship with a guy and he does not introduce you to his family or his friends, no matter how serious you think that relationship is, it’s not serious for him.  What you need to do is to cut your losses and move on.  Find yourself someone who is more than eager to introduce you to his friends and family.


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