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Sometimes women wonder what makes a woman attractive to men.  Some women always seem to have men around them and other women wonder how she does it.  This video is the answer to that question.  In today’s video, I’m going to be talking about what makes a woman attractive.

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Before I go into what makes a woman attractive, I feel I have to say a few things first.  The first thing is that if you want to be more attractive to men and you want men around you all the time, ask yourself why.  Because it looks like there’s a void inside you that you’re trying to fill with attention from men.  The irony is that if that is the case, no matter how many men you pull into your circle, that hunger, that void in you will NEVER be filled.


The peace that you’re looking for, the joy, the inner happiness you’re looking for can never be filled with something outside of you, whether it’s men or shopping or food or anything like that.  The way to be happy inside you and to feel at peace is definitely NOT through men.


If you’re watching this video because you want to get married, know that because men are attracted to a woman does NOT mean they want to marry her.  For men, the two are sometimes very different.  They find a woman attractive, it doesn’t mean that they want to marry her.  Remember that.  The way to get what you want, for example, a happy marriage might not necessarily be through the means that you think.


Now, let’s get into the main part of this video.  The 1st thing that makes a woman attractive to a man is her looks.  I’ve said this several times before in my videos.  There’s no need to worry about the way you look because different men like different things in women.  So don’t fret if your eyebrows are not on fleek or if you’re not a slay queen.  Some men like slay queens and some men like women who don’t wear makeup.  There’s a man for every woman.  What you need is just to be tidy, be clean and look as if you put a bit of effort into your looks and men will be attracted to you.


The 2nd thing that makes a woman attractive is her attitude.  I know that many women believe that only nasty women or bitches attract men but that is simply not true.  If you really examine women, you’ll find that even the nasty women or the bitches are actually quite nice and sweet to men – at least, in the beginning.  You see, men just want love and kindness and happiness, just like you and if they can find it in a woman, that is wonderful.


So remember, men are attracted to women who are nice, who smile and laugh a lot and who pay attention to them.  Men are actually really easy like that.  Sometimes women say that when you’re nice to men, they repay you with nastiness but that often happens when women are nice to the wrong men.  Some people simply cannot appreciate love.  Stop giving your love to men who will not appreciate it.  Remember that the fact that a guy is cute, rich and muscular does not mean that he wants or even knows what love is.  Be more thoughtful about the men you give your love to.


The 3rd thing that makes a woman attractive to a man is her confidence.  When a woman is confident and it shows, men are attracted to that.  You know how they say women are attracted to powerful men?  There’s something similar in men.  Men are attracted to confident women.  Know your worth, show it and the men will keep coming to you.  Remember though that there’s a difference between arrogance and confidence.  Confidence is what we’re going for here.


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