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My Lagos is an interview-style feature in which people who know Lagos well share the best things to see and do in this great city.

 1.Describe Lagos in three words.

Energetic. Captivating. Home.

 2.What is your favourite thing to do in Lagos?

Going out to lunch with the hubby and kids in tow.  Or sneaking off for drinks with friends on those lazy work days.  I also quite enjoy spending a day at the spa and getting my nails done.

 3.What is your favourite bar or club in Lagos and why?

Restaurants, yes. Bars or clubs, gosh, I haven’t been to either one in ages.  I’d be lying if I told you I knew any of the new bars or clubs in Lagos.  I had a drink at Orella the other day with a group of friends and that was rather enjoyable.

4.What is your favourite restaurant in Lagos and why?

Rhapsody is really good and when it comes to a junk food lunch place, Johnny Rockets tops my list.  The food at Orella is great.  I also love Nigerian food so L’afrik is my favourite at the moment.  I have a penchant for Italian food so when I want Italian food, I go to Il Sorisso.  They make the best ‘homemade’ Italian food.  Picollo Mondo makes delicious shawarmas and Pizzeriah have the best Parma ham pizza in the world.

5.Where is your favourite place to shop in Lagos?

I love to go into Roma-Fruits of Nature.  I love what they have from modern design tea sets, tableware and silverware to natural body products, unusual little gifts and even healthy snacks.  It’s a charming store filled with all sorts of incredible little things.

6.What do you love about Lagos?

I can’t put my finger on it but I know that whenever I go away on holiday, I certainly know when it’s time to come back. I yearn for Lagos.  Perhaps it is its boisterous nature I have missed or the never ending hustle and bustle of the city and alongside that, the calm and serenity I have tried to create in my abode.  Or maybe it’s just the familiarity of a place I’ve always known as home.

7.If you met someone new to Lagos, how would you suggest they spend a day in the city?

I would just have them spend a day with me!


Lisa Folawiyo is the Founder and Creative Director of the design house, Jewel by Lisa.  She loves to love, laugh and believe.  Follow her on Twitter here  and check out the Jewel by Lisa website

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