Learning to trust again

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Many women have problems trusting men.  Because they’ve gone through so many heartbreaks, it’s not difficult to see why they have that problem.  For that reason, today’s video is all about learning to trust men.  If you’re a single woman, particularly over the age of 30, have had your heart broken several times and you’re having problems trusting men, then this is the video for you.

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First of all, why do you need to learn to trust all over again?  If you want to find a relationship in which you’re truly in love and you’re truly happy, you really have to learn to trust your partner.  There’s no other way to be happy in a relationship.  If you’re in a relationship and you keep showing your guy that you don’t trust him, one of two things will happen.


One, he’ll either move on because he is tired of your jealousy or two, he’ll do something that is deserving of your not trusting him.  That is, he’ll cheat because he’s thinking, “Well, she doesn’t trust me anyway and she’s always accusing me of cheating so I might as well cheat.”  I’m not saying that either behaviour is right.  I’m just saying that that is what usually happens if you don’t trust your guy and you keep showing that you don’t trust him.


So, how can you learn to trust again?  There are 3 tips I have for you.  The first one is that you should give yourself time.  Give yourself time after the situation that caused you to lose trust.  If that situation resulted in your relationship ending, give yourself time to grieve.  You’re not super-woman.  Everybody needs time to heal.  And you do too so give yourself time to heal.


Second, realise that not all men will cause you to lose trust in them.  There are so many men on this earth, it is actually impossible that every single man is untrustworthy.  It just doesn’t add up.  There are men out there that you can trust.  Let that motivate you and keep you going and know that you can find that right man who you can trust.


My third tip for you is that you should learn from past mistakes.  Look for signs that a guy is trustworthy.  For example, if a guy never picks up whenever you call him but he still manages to call you consistently, you have a right to be worried.  Take your time before trusting a guy but when you finally do decide to trust a guy, go into it with your whole because that is the way to feel true joy in a happy relationship.  Remember, if you don’t trust men, you won’t find a man you can trust.


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