How to know if your standards are too high

how to know if your standards are too high

Have you ever been told that your standards are too high?  Do you think that your high standards are the reason why you’re still single?  Everyone has certain standards but could your standards be keeping you from finding true love?  These are the questions I’ll be discussing today.  In today’s video, I’m going to be talking about how to know if your standards are too high.

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First of all, for anyone who is new to my videos, I’m a relationship coach.  I help single women over the age of 30 attract and keep the right relationship.  I find that from time to time, I have to explain that in my videos because sometimes, people come across my videos and they’re like, “All your tips are for women.  All your tips are for girls.”  And I’m like, “That’s because I’m a relationship coach for women.”


So men, if you’re watching this video, you might not like it but if you’re open-minded, you might actually find the tips in this video useful so stay tuned.  Now, let’s get back to the meat of this video.


Standards are conditions that you set up for yourself.  Your standards say, “These are the things I will do and these are the things I will NOT do.”  Or they say things like “These are the things I will accept in a relationship or these are the things I will NOT accept in a relationship.”


Having standards keep you sane and happy.  Of course, they make your life easier but at the same time, standards should be held lightly.  They shouldn’t be held onto rigidly.  They should be subject to change because life is never straightforward.  Life is always changing so your standards too should rise and fall depending on the situation.


I’ll give an extreme example.  You may have the standard that you will never hurt or kill another human being but what if you come across somebody and you are attacked.  In the process of trying to protect yourself, you kill the other person.  So there, you’ve lowered your standards or broken your own rule but were you wrong?  That is an extreme example of where your standard had to change.


Our standards really can and indeed should change depending on the situation.  The thing to be wary about is lowering your standards because of somebody you hope to be in a relationship with or somebody you’re already in a relationship with.


For example, you believe your boyfriend should always pick you up exactly when he says he will.  Your boyfriend says you should lower your standards.  Or you saw nude pictures of your boyfriend’s ex on his phone and you go ballistic.  Your boyfriend says you should lower your standards.  Should you lower your standards in both situations?  It appears that one is more serious than the other.


So really, how can you know if your standards are too high?  If your standards are getting in the way of you being truly happy or fully enjoying life, then your standards may be too high.  Don’t listen to what other people say.  Listen to your gut.  That will tell you if your standards really are too high.


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