How to know if he’s using you

how to know if he's using you

Sometimes, women find themselves in the position where they feel like they’re being used by a guy but they’re not sure.  The point of this video is to help clear up all that.  In this video, I’m going to be sharing tips on how to know if he’s using you.  Watch this video if you want to know the answer to that question.

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Look, it’s true.  Both men and women use people but because I’m a relationship coach for single women over 30, my videos and my coaching are targeted at women so the tips in this video are for women who feel that men are using them.  Sorry guys, this is not a video for you 😉


The men who use women do so for all sorts of reasons but the two commonest reasons are for sex and for money.  When a guy is using you for sex or money, that is basically all he wants from you.  He doesn’t want your company, he doesn’t want to be known as your boyfriend and he doesn’t want to meet your friends or family.  All he wants from you is what he’s using you for and that is usually sex or money.


If you want to know whether a guy is using you for sex or money, here are the tips or signs that you should look out for: he calls you and asks you to come over.  When you get there, you find that it’s because of sex.  As soon as the sex is over, he wants you to leave.  That’s a sign that he’s just using you for sex.


Another sign is that you might have been having sex regularly for a long time but you still don’t know where you stand in the relationship.  He refuses to call you his girlfriend and he does not want you to refer to him as your boyfriend.


He doesn’t introduce you to his friends and family and has no interest in meeting yours.  He is always asking you for money.  He always needs money for one reason or the other and comes to you for the money.  He is always taking loans from you and never pays you back.


Another sign is that he never spends money on you – even after you’ve given him money.  He never even calls you.  However, he seems to find a way to send you text messages or free WhatsApp messages when he wants sex.  He manages to do that.


Those are just some of the signs that a guy is using you.  The human mind is very creative.  He might have come up with all sorts of things that will tell you that he is using you.  I might not have mentioned some of those signs here but you, in your heart, will know.  Ultimately, if you have a small, sneaky feeling that a guy is using you, he probably is.  Your intuition is usually right.


I hope you found the tips in this video useful.  Remember to stay away from guys who use you.  For more tips from me on love and relationships, follow me on Instagram.  Get my free e-books on love and relationships by clicking here.


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