Instagram can help you and your business. Here’s how.

how instagram can help you and your business

Basically, Instagram is a photograph-based social networking site.  On Instagram, you put up pictures, share those pictures on other social networks like Facebook and Twitter, look for people you’re interested in and follow them and people can follow you and your pictures too.  In terms of following people and being followed, Instagram is similar to Twitter but while Twitter is mainly about what you can say in 140 characters or less, Instagram is about the story you can tell with one photograph.

With celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Beyoncé and Justin Bieber being on Instagram and being followed by millions of people, it may look like the photo-sharing site won’t be of much use to you or your business but it is.

Here is more information about Instagram and how it can be useful to you:

  • In the same vein, Instagram can give people an idea of your personality if you don’t have the budget for a PR firm 😉  This of course is what Rihanna and Co do very well on Instagram.  Check out Rihanna on Instagram here.
  • If your business is visual-led, for example, fashion or food, you simply must be on Instagram.  It shows people exactly what you are capable of.  And when people put up photos of themselves wearing or admiring your work and tag you or your business, it’s like free advertising!  Thank them in return and you begin to create a relationship with your customers.  An example of a visual business making good use of Instagram is the Nigerian design house, Purple.  Check out their account here.
  • Instagram can help you get a job.  It’s true! Instagram is an opportunity to show what you can do so if you’re a graphic designer, makeup artist, interior decorator or pretty much anything art-related, regularly putting up pictures of your work is like creating an online portfolio with very little effort.   It is that online portfolio of yours (which you need to tell people about) that could get you the job you want.  If you want to change careers and move into an arty field, Instagram can help you in exactly the same way.  This article about someone who got a job through Instagram can give you more information about this concept.

These tips give you an idea of how useful Instagram can be for you and your business so you really need to start using it today.  If you have questions about using Instagram, let me know.  And of course, you can follow me on Instagram by clicking here.


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