How to stay happy when you get back from holiday

If you’re like most people, you look forward to your annual holiday desperately and anticipate your return to the daily grind with dread.  Of course, this isn’t ideal.  Everyone should be as eager to return to their ‘normal life’ as they are to go on holiday.  This doesn’t hold true for many people though so until we all find a way to be as happy to get back to our lives as we are to go on holiday, here are a few tips to make returning to the normal schedule as happy as possible.
·         Make sure you’ve stashed some money at home/ in an account you didn’t have access to when you were on holiday so you’re not flat broke when you get back.
·         Make your bed and clean your room/ house before you go on holiday.  This makes it easier for you to settle in when you get back.  Besides, there’s nothing quite as satisfying as lying down on a well-made bed when you’re tired.
·         If you took your laptop with you on holiday, download your photographs onto it at the end of each day otherwise download them onto your laptop as soon as you’re home so you can re-live those great moments whenever you want.
·         Plan lunch, a night out with friends or whatever takes your fancy for the day after you return from vacation.  It gives you something to look forward to plus gives you the chance to re-live your holiday. Again.
·         Start wearing the clothes and displaying the curios you bought while on holiday to lift your mood instantly.
Perhaps the most important tip though is to create the sort of life that you would love to come back to after a refreshing holiday.
What do you think?  Are there any things you do to keep yourself in a good mood when you come back from a vacation?  Put them in the comments so we can learn new tips.
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