How to know if you should marry someone

how to know if you should marry someone

There are some people who will look at this topic and be like “How can you not know if you should marry somebody or not?  Isn’t that kind of thing obvious?”  And then there are others who will think, “You’re even lucky enough to have somebody who wants to marry you and you’re still wondering whether you should say ‘yes’?”  It takes all sorts to make the world so I know that there are some people out there with thoughts like that.  This video is NOT for them.


This video is for people who have been in a relationship for a while, a relationship that looks like it’s heading towards marriage and they’re beginning to wonder if it’s right for them.  This video is for those who are curious about the possibility of being in that situation.  It’s also for those who are wondering if they’re supposed to settle when it comes to marriage.  So, let’s begin: how to know if you should marry someone.

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Before I go further, I think it’s important that I mention that I’m a relationship coach for single women over the age of 30.  I help single women over the age of 30 attract and keep the right relationship.  So when I’m talking like in this video, when I say ‘How to know if you should marry someone’, what I’m really saying is, ‘How to know if you should marry that man’.


Now that I’ve cleared that up, let’s move forward.  If you’re in a relationship that has been going on for a while, there’s a tendency to believe that that relationship is heading towards marriage.  If you’re in your late twenties or in your early thirties, then there’s even some kind of pressure to speed things up so that you get married quickly.  But is that always the right idea?


Or you might be a woman over 30 and your parents and society in general are tired of you being single so they go and get a guy from somewhere and tell you that you should marry him.  They tell you you’re no spring chicken, that love grows during marriage and that there are no marriageable men out there so you had better marry this one they’ve brought for you.  Should you?


What I’ll say to you here is this:  this man that you’re supposed to marry, is he anything like the man you visualised yourself marrying?  If you’ve been consuming my content for a while, you’ll know that I preach that visualisation is the ultimate way to get the man that you want to marry, the ideal man for you.  If you want to know more about how to use visualisation to get the right person for you, get my ebook, 7 Steps to Meeting the One by clicking here.


If this man is nothing like what you visualised (and by ‘visualised’, I don’t mean looks or money or anything like that), if this man is like nothing you visualised, if his dreams are different from yours, if his beliefs and values are different from yours, it is highly unlikely that you will be happy with this person.  It is highly unlikely that marrying this person will result in a happy marriage.


My final piece of advice on this kind of situation is to check in with yourself, check in with your emotions.  When the subject of marrying this particular person first came up, how did you feel?  What was your first emotion?  Were you scared or were you excited?  If you were scared, worried or sad, then your body has told you what your mind may have been slow to see.  Your body has told you this is NOT the man that you should marry.  If at the thought of being married to this man, you’re excited, then that is a fantastic sign that this is the man that you should marry.


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