How to have a holiday romance without the heartache

                                                   Photograph by Nattu
Okay, first of all I have to admit I can’t advice on how to avoid heartache completely after a hot but brief holiday dalliance but I can tell you how to reduce the hurt you might feel.  But wait, before we get to the point of (possibly) having your heart broken, let’s start with how to have a holiday romance at all.
Naturally, the first thing is to go on holiday.  Sounds pretty obvious but stay with me here.  The next thing to note is that you don’t have to travel to far-flung places to be on holiday.  All you need is to take a break from your regular work or school schedule.  In fact, if we widen the description of a holiday romance further, you don’t even actually have to be on holiday yourself – you just have to be involved with someone who is.  It’s a holiday romance for the other person and therefore, for you too.
If you do decide to travel somewhere exotic, your chances of having a holiday romance increase if you travel alone.  See my blog post on how to go on holiday alone for more on this.  If you do travel with friends or family, make sure you go out on your own sometimes so people have the chance to talk to you without wondering if  your buddies are making fun of their chat-up lines.  Remember to stay safe when you do go out by yourself, always let your friends know where you’re going and when you plan to be back.
I think the most important way to attract people to you whether you’re on holiday or not is to be (or at least appear) happy and confident.  If you do hit it off with a sexy waitress/ barely adult university student/ attractive business person, have fun but do remember that if you’re only there for a few days, it’s unlikely to lead to a lengthy, all-consuming romance.  That’s the first step towards not being heartbroken when the fling ends.  Other ways to remember the romance with fondness and not regret are to take lots of pictures together but skip the exchanging email addresses/ phone numbers part.  How likely are you to keep in touch with your Spanish lover if your grasp of the language is limited to ‘hola’?  Most of all, don’t make promises you know you won’t keep (“I’ll call you everyday”), tag the (brief) relationship under your experience folder (in your head, not your CV) and remind yourself from time to time how exciting your holiday was.
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