How to handle breadcrumbing

how to handle breadcrumbing

There are many issues with modern dating and one of them is BREADCRUMBING.  When you’re on the receiving end of breadcrumbing, it can feel incredibly frustrating and that’s why I decided to make today’s video.  Today, I’m going to be talking about breadcrumbing, what it is and how to handle it.

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So, what exactly is breadcrumbing?  Breadcrumbing is when somebody leads you on with phone calls, text messages and other forms of contact in order to make you believe that they’re interested in you when they’re not.  An advanced form of breadcrumbing is when the person doles out bits of affection – a kiss here, sex there – in order to make you feel like they’re in a relationship with you but they aren’t.


In truth, breadcrumbing is not a new phenomenon.  However, the term to describe it, ‘breadcrumbing’, is relatively new in today’s world.  In a few years’ time, the term ‘breadcrumbing’ will probably be replaced by something else but until then, let’s just focus on breadcrumbing.


So, how should you handle breadcrumbing?  You handle breadcrumbing the same way you handle being in any situation in which you’re unhappy – you get yourself out of it as soon as you can.  The person who is breadcrumbing you will NOT change.  They’re just using you.


If a guy is breadcrumbing you and you finally get up the courage to tell him that you will no longer take it, that you will only be with him if he is in a proper relationship with you, he might say that he has changed.  He might even behave like he has changed for a short time.  He’ll start calling you regularly, he’ll introduce you to a few of his friends and he’ll have sex with you as much as possible but within a short time, he’ll go back to his breadcrumbing ways.


A guy who is breadcrumbing you now is not likely to turn into the perfect boyfriend.  Ironically, he might become the perfect boyfriend for somebody else but he won’t be one for you.  Try not to take that personally.  The right guy for you will not breadcrumb you.  Wait for him.


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