How to be the woman men respect

how to be the woman men respect

As a woman, it’s fairly easy to have guys flocking around you.  Usually, that’s because they fancy you and want to have sex with you.  What’s more difficult yet more important than having guys fancy you is having them respect you and that’s what I’m going to be talking about today.  Today, I’m going to be talking about how to be the woman men respect.

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In this world, it’s so important to have men respect you as a woman.  If men respect you, they’re more likely to see you in a positive light and to protect you which is so important in this world that can be so difficult for women.


In order to be the woman men respect, I have 3 tips for you.  The 1st is to have your values and to keep to them as much as possible.  When you have values, you have a guide that helps direct the actions that you take.  This helps you be consistent and gives men an idea of where they stand with you and how to behave around you.


Let me give you a slightly related example.  I once worked at a company where hugging was a form of greeting every morning, even between men and women.  I’m not a fan of hugging so I didn’t indulge; I just wasn’t interested and I simply didn’t do it.  I’m sure many people thought that I was stiff but after a while, they accepted me like that and I made a lot of great friends at that company so it turned out fine.  What matters is that I didn’t let other people’s wishes make me uncomfortable.  It’s like that saying goes, ‘your freedom ends where mine begins.’


Of course, in life, you can’t always keep to your values.  You’ll try very hard but sometimes, you’ll break them and that’s fine because you’re human.  The whole point of having values isn’t so that you’ll never go astray.  It’s so that when you wander away from your planned direction, you can look at your values and be guided back onto your desired path.


My 2nd tip on how to be the woman men respect is to focus on your finances.  The better you can take care of yourself financially, the more men will respect you.  It shows that you’re responsible and an asset to them if they’re considering you as a romantic partner.  And even if they’re not considering you as a romantic partner, they’ll see you as an asset to society in general.


Sometimes, you don’t even have to have your finances altogether.  All you need to do is to show the world that you’re doing your best and you’re determined to work to look after yourself and those that you love.


My final tip on how to be the woman that men respect is to be kind.  Be kind but don’t be a doormat.  Men never respect doormats.  Be kind.  Show interest in the people around you and their stories.  Ask them about their lives, their daily routines, their friends, their families and pay attention to what they say so that you can check back with them later.


For example, if someone tells you that his sister was ill, make a mental note of it and in about a week’s time, ask if his sister is feeling better.  Kindness is just about giving people money or going to the market for them or whatever.  It’s also about showing people that they’re on your mind and that you wish the best for them always.


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