Holidays with Keji Bello

calabar calabar roundabout

Keji’s first holiday was a road trip from Abeokuta to Calabar.

1. Tell us about the very first holiday you remember taking.

The very first holiday I remember vividly – I have two.  The first one was to visit my grandmother on her farm. I must have been about 5 or 6. She was a cocoa farmer with acres of farmland.  It was an awesome experience.  The second one was a road trip to Calabar from Abeokuta.  I was probably about 5 or 6 also, or 7! My dad was posted to Calabar as a Service Centre Head and during our summer holiday, we all got into a Land Rover and drove to Calabar (by all I mean 6 children including my mum).  Apart from my road trip from Lagos to Accra, I would say this was probably one of the best ever. We stopped at Ore, Benin and Aba or Onitsha (can’t remember which now).  It was an education and a great experience, made greater by the fact that I shared it with my siblings. We still talk about it today.

2. What has been your most memorable holiday?

My most memorable holiday was the road trip mentioned earlier.  Another one would be the Lagos – Accra road trip in 2002.

3. What do you like most about vacations?  

Being able to get a different perspective on life.  I say this because I try to visit different places.  Even when the vacation is to somewhere familiar, there’s always something new.

4. What do you hate most about vacations?

Packing and unpacking.  Ugh! I long for the day I’ll go to the airport on a whim without luggage and buy a ticket to some random place.

5. How would you spend your perfect day on holiday?

Wake up early, watch the sun rise.  Lazy morning, get out of bed late. Have a late breakfast. Hit the beach.  Have a lazy afternoon spent on a lounger/sun bed, hammock – whatever.  Leave the beach in the early evening, have a cool shower and go out to dinner just as the sun’s setting.  Perfect day.


6. Where would you most like to go on holiday? Why?

Love, love, love islands, so almost any one will do. A bit partial to the ones in the Pacific though.


Keji is an INTJ. Driven, Ambitious, Super-hero.   Motto: Work Hard, Play Hard. Interests: Live music, fine dining, island-hopping.  Likes: A vivid mind.   Dislikes: BS.


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