How to handle side chicks

how to handle side chicks

A friend told me that her friends said side chicks are winning.  They felt that this was the truth and it was a really hot topic for them so I knew I had to do a video about it.

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First of all, what is a side chick?  A side chick is a mistress or she’s the other woman in your man’s life.  The truth is that in Nigeria, mistresses are considered normal.  They’re pretty common and it’s accepted in society but I think that in today’s world, things are changing and it’s not so accepted anymore.  I prefer to focus on the positive and I think you should too.


So, what should you do if your man has a side chick?  I know some women will say you should find out who she is, call her and warn her, send people to her, send people to go and beat her up and things like that.  My advice to you is if you know about karma, you’ll do no such thing.


Someone else I know found out that her husband had a mistress so she called the other woman and after all her ranting and raving, the other girl said, “What is your problem?  Sebi you’re the one in the house?  Why are you so upset?  Please don’t ever call me again.”  And she hung up.  That was a-w-k-w-a-r-d.  So, calling the other woman or sending people to beat her or things like that is never a good option.  I would never advice that.


What should you do?  The thing that you should do is focus on your relationship.  Hash things out with your man.  Talk to him.  Ask him to give up the other woman.  If he won’t give up the other woman and will tell you so, because I’ve heard of that kind of situation happening in the past, then you have to decide whether you’re fine with being the main chick or you can’t handle that situation and you want to leave the relationship.  The ball is in your court.  And as I always say, everything in life, you have a choice.  You take that decision.


So don’t be stressing yourself looking for phone numbers and going through pockets or things like that.  Focus on yourself and focus on your relationship.  And remember that side chicks are not winning.  Believing that side chicks are winning comes from the same kind of thought that all the good men are taken.  But it’s not true that all the good men are taken.  People have been saying this for years and years yet every day, people keep marrying good men.  Don’t believe the negative hype.  Side chicks are NOT winning.


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