Why the guys you like don’t like you back

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Today, I’m going to be talking about why the guys you like don’t like you back and what you can do about it.  Now, this topic involves a lot of self-analysis.  You’re going to have to ask yourself a lot of searching questions so get yourself a piece of paper and a pen and we’ll get started.

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Now, the first kind of question you should ask yourself is what kind of guys are attracted to you?  Who are these guys?  How would you describe them?  The next thing is to ask yourself, “Why do you think they like you”?  Then, you need to be honest and ask yourself, is there something about those guys that you secretly like?  Is it their confidence?  Is it the fact that they’re different?  Whatever it is, note it down.


And then, you need to ask yourself if you’re encouraging these people in any way.  Do you talk to them?  Do you smile at them?  It doesn’t take a lot for a guy to think you’re interested in him.  For many men, if you smile at them, they think that that’s a come-on.  So, if you keep coming across men that you don’t like, do not give them your number no matter how much they beg you.  Don’t smile at them, don’t talk to them because they’ll think that you’re really interested.  You have to be deliberate about what you do when you come across the men that you don’t like.


Next, you need to ask yourself, “Who are the men that you do like?”  Keep a vision of the men that you like in your mind and keep bringing that vision to the front of your mind regularly.  Write out a list describing the kind of man that you like.  Whenever a man that is just like that list comes into your life, give him attention.  Even if he’s not 100% what you want, encourage that kind of person.


The more you see the kind of men that you like and the more you pay attention to them, the less that you’ll get attraction or attention from the men that you don’t like.  There’s always a gap in your life and you are the one who’s going to decide who fills that gap.  Is it some random men that you’re not interested in but that you text once in a while because you’re lonely or is it the kind of men that you truly are attracted to?  And that is so important.  No matter how lonely you are, do not stay in contact with the kind of men that you don’t like.  This only encourages them and encourages ore men like that to come into your life.  This world is full of energy and when they sense your energy, they’ll keep coming to you.


To attract the kind of men that you do like, keep a vision of them in your head and whenever you see somebody that is remotely like that, give him attention.  If you do these things, you’ll see that you will start attracting the kind of men that you do like.


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