Going Places with Tunde Ashaolu


The amazing resorts in Thailand make it one of the places Tunde would like to visit next.

1. Tell us about the very first holiday you remember going on.

My first holiday was to Calais. It was a most unpleasant experience as there was a lot of sea turbulence.  I travelled from Dover to Calais on a Hovercraft.

2. What is your most memorable holiday?

My first memorable holiday was to San Jose to see my cousins.  It was very nice and they made a lot of effort to ensure I had a great time.  I visited neighbourhoods like San Francisco, Palo Alto and so on.

3. What do you like most about vacations?

What I like most about holidays is the bliss of not having to answer business calls, respond to text messages  or go to meetings.  I love being able to get away from everything.

4. What do you hate most about vacations?

I dislike the rush to the airport.  I have missed my flight several times due to work commitments.  I hate the long queues at the security gates.

5. How would you spend your perfect day on holiday?

My perfect day would be spent sight-seeing, taking photographs, making several stops at coffee shops for freshly brewed coffee and picking up souvenirs and gifts for my friends.

6. Tell us one thing that happened to you on holiday that you will never forget.

Once I was travelling to Amsterdam and whilst trying to find my way to the airport’s entrance I was asked by a stranger, who was seemingly lost, for directions.  Coincidentally, we ended up on the same flight, got on very well and became friends thereafter

7. Where would you most like to go on holiday? Why?

I would like to visit Thailand at some point.  The resorts seem amazing from the pictures I have seen. It looks like a very tranquil place.


Bio:  My name is Tunde and I run a firm of accountants in London.  I enjoy travelling and reading and am a fan of Jazz and Soul music. 

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