Going Places with Awoyo Osiegbu

Awoyo’s most memorable holiday was in New York.

Going Places is a regular feature on this blog.  It is an interview-style feature where different personalities tell us the highlights of their holidays.  Enjoy it.


1.         Tell us about your very first holiday

The first one that I can remember was when I was like 5 and we went to London.


2.         What is your most memorable holiday?

Last summer when I went to NY. It was fascinating.


3.         What do you like most about vacations?

Getting away from reality for one. Being able to sight-see and people-watch which is one of my hobbies.


4.         What do you hate most about vacations?

Coming back to normal life. I really wish I could be on holiday forever alas…


5.         How would you spend your perfect day on holiday?

Wake up, eat breakfast, go around and sight-see till my feet are sore.


6.         Where would you most like to go on holiday? Why?

I think I would like to go back to NY.  I really am going to make it a summer stop ever year. But seriously the next place I am going to is wine country aka Napa Valley, California.

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