How to get a man to commit to you

how to get a man to commit to you

In today’s post, I’m going to be talking about how to get a man to commit to you.  That is a question that many women ask all the time.  They’ve been dating a guy for a while and they want him to say that they’re exclusive.  They want to be in an exclusive relationship with the guy and they want the guy to commit to them.  How can they achieve that?  Watch this video for more.

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Some women try to get a man to commit to them in all sorts of ways.  Sometimes, they give ultimatums.  They say things like “It’s either me or we’re over!” or they get pregnant – “Ooops!  I did it again!”  These things are just tricks and these manipulations don’t really work.


For example, with ultimatums, think about children.   When you give them threats or ultimatums or you tell them not to do something, that is exactly when they’ll do that thing.  So imagine what it’s like for a man, an adult.  If you give him a threat or an ultimatum, he likely will just do whatever it is that he wants.


Women that get pregnant on purpose aren’t really tying down the guy.  They’re tying down themselves.  Fine, you might have a permanent connection to the guy but it doesn’t mean that he’ll love you.  It doesn’t even mean that he’ll stay with you.  So what is the point?


Now, I’m going to tell you how to get a man to commit to you.  What you can do after you’ve been dating for a while and it seems like he enjoys your company as much as you enjoy his, what you need to do is to ask him.  If you want a guy to commit to you, ask him.  Tell him that you want him to commit to you.  Ask him if you guys are exclusive and tell him that that is important to you.  Ask him if it’s important to him.  If it is, he’ll say ‘yes’.


Before you do ask him though, you need to be ready for the answer because it might not be something that you want.  However, the best thing to do is to ask him.  And remember, if a guy leaves your life, it’s just making room for another guy who is even better to come into your life.  So don’t be afraid.  If you want commitment from a guy, you have to ask for it.


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