Free chapter of new book, 7 Steps to Meeting the One

7 steps to meeting the one by lape soetan ebook

I’m excited to announce that I’ve written my second e-book and will be launching it in November this year.  The new book is called 7 Steps to Meeting the One and a sneak preview of it is available for you to download FREE!  This sneak peek contains the Introduction as well as the first chapter of my new book.    To get this preview of my book, click here.  The link takes you to a subscription page.  Fill the form on the page and click on ‘Subscribe to this list’.  A link will then be sent to your email address.  Please click on that link to activate your subscription and get your free sneak preview of my new book, 7 Steps to Meeting the One.

I hope you enjoy the preview of my new book and do let me know what you think of it.