How to find love as an introvert


Finding true love is a difficult enough task but when you’re an introvert as well, finding love appears next to impossible!  Introverts are a special breed of people.  In recent times, the words ‘introvert’ and ‘introversion’ have become more mainstream but people still aren’t quite sure what they mean.  The whole issue is further complicated by the fact that introversion occurs across a broad spectrum.  In other words, some people are more introverted than others.  Very few people are 100% introverts; some people show characteristics of both introversion and extroversion further blurring the lines between introversion and extroversion and making it more difficult for people to recognise an introvert when they see one.


Before talking about how to find love as an introvert, it would be best to first give an idea of what an introvert is.  An introvert is someone who thrives in their own company.  Although they may be able to handle being around large groups of people and may even like such situations from time to time, usually, they would need to take a break afterwards to be alone.  That alone time is vital for introverts.  It helps them recharge.  While extroverts feel alive and energised when surrounded by people, introverts need lots of time alone to feel alive and to recharge.  An introvert isn’t necessarily shy.  They would just rather spend time on their own or with one or two people close to their hearts.  If you want to spot an introvert, look for the person who always prefers to be alone in a quiet place.


If you’re an introvert and want a checklist of other things you can do to help you find love, click on the image below.


Having described introversion, you can see how it would be difficult for such a person to find love.  If you spend most of your time alone, how on earth are you supposed to meet and get to know someone well enough to go into a relationship with them?  It’s difficult.


Although introverts and introverts are different, the first step in finding love is the same for both groups.  That first step is to set the intention to find true love.  You won’t get very far without first deciding that you want to find true love.  You have to decide that you will do whatever it takes to find love.  That first step is probably the most important thing you can do if you’re an introvert and want to find love because it will determine whether you will take other actions necessary to draw your ideal partner into your life.


Remember, if you’d like a checklist of things you can do to find love as an introvert, click on the image below.


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