Favourite meals on holiday

I’ll be honest.  One of the things I look forward to most on holiday is the food.  I dislike cooking so I would always choose a hotel over a self-catering apartment.  Food is also one of the main reasons I would love to go to Japan  Here are some of the photos I took of the meals I had on holiday. 

Sadly, in many cases, I only remembered to take the pictures halfway through the meal but half a loaf of bread is better than none, right?

Rice and curry in Dubai.  Not all of the food on the table was mine.  Honest.

Breakfast on the Eurostar.  I was so excited about going to Paris, I drank the champagne offered.  It was still morning but when in Paris… or rather when on the Eurostar…

An Asian-themed meal I had at The Hippopotamus in Paris. Yum!

Dinner in Paris.  I had been eating all day so a salad for dinner that day felt saintly.

Japanese fastfood in Dubai.  I don’t know how authentic the meal was but it tasted great.

My first meal at Labadi Beach Hotel in Ghana .  When I think of holiday food, the meals I had there brings back fond memories.

Tacos in Dubai.  An example of me remembering to take photographs just as I finished eating.  As you can tell, I enjoyed the tacos 😉

Where have you had your favourite meals on holiday?  Have you ever travelled to a particular place simply for the food?  Tell us in the comments.


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