Everyone is celebrating Singles’ Day. Shouldn’t you?

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Happy Singles’ Day!  I know lots of people will wonder what there is to celebrate about being single and if you’re like me, you’re surprised there’s even such a thing as Singles’ Day.  There is something known as Singles Day though and according to Wikipedia,  it started in China.

As for how there can be a Singles’ Day, let me introduce you to International Coffee Day (October 1st), International Tongue Twister Day (November 8th) and Cotton Candy Day (December 7th).  There are so many seemingly silly ‘days’ that the strange thing is that Singles’ Day isn’t more well-known.  Besides, if a day can be dedicated to lovers worldwide (Valentine’s Day), there should be a day dedicated to singles too.

While many people don’t like being single, it doesn’t mean that single-ness should be looked at as something close to a curse.  Sure, being single can be a bit depressing but there are good things about it too and Singles’ Day is the perfect day to remind yourself of those things.  To serve as a reminder, here are a few great things about being single:

  • You have a lot more freedom as a single person than you do as part of a couple. You can go to events or even travel without first finding out if the someone else would be happy to do those things too.
  • You save money. I once read somewhere that being in a couple saves you money but if you think about it, being single can help you keep your financial life on course too.  For one, you’re not buying presents for anybody (especially on Valentine’s Day).
  • Life is a bit more exciting when you’re single. You never know who you’re going to meet, who’ll make your stomach fill with butterflies or who’ll turn your life around (in a good way).

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