How to enjoy your first year of marriage

For some people, a big part of not wanting to get married is a fear of the unknown.  I was like that for a while.  At first, I didn’t want to get married at all because I felt marriage for women was all about cooking, washing plates and changing nappies.  Then I got to the point where I wanted to get married but I was still scared of signing a contract with unwritten requirements consisting of the activities mentioned above.  I honestly didn’t know anyone whose marriage I envied.  I didn’t know anyone whose marriage I wanted to emulate so my feelings about marriage sort of stayed in limbo.  I strongly believe that my mixed feelings about the institution is why it took me so long to get married.

how to enjoy your first year of marriage by lape soetan


For other people, they are excited about marriage and can’t wait to experience it.  Although they look forward to marriage, they are also very curious about what goes on inside it.  What is marriage really like?  Will it be better or worse than when they were dating?  How do people stay happy in a marriage?  Why do so many people get divorced?  It’s a never-ending series of questions.


To help people in both groups I just talked about, I have written a little e-book called ‘How to Enjoy your First Year of Marriage’.  As usual, I wrote the book because it’s something I wish I had come across when I was single or even when I first got married.  I remember when I got engaged, someone gave me a book on marriage.  I can’t even remember what it was called but I do remember wishing I hadn’t been given the book.  It was long, tedious and boring.  It was exactly the sort of book that made me not want to get married when I was younger because it portrayed marriage as tedious and boring (rather like the book itself).


I wanted to avoid all that.  I wanted to create a book that would help newlyweds navigate the precious first year of marriage and teach them how to enjoy it.  I also wanted to create a book that wouldn’t alienate single women and would show them that there is a way to experience zest and joy in the first year of marriage.  I believe that knowing the things you can do to make your first year of marriage great can also help you improve the relationship you’re in now or simply give you the knowledge to make your relationship fantastic when you do get into one.  Most of all, I wanted to pass this advice along in a fun, easy-to-read way and I believe I have done that with How to Enjoy your First Year of Marriage.


Today, my 4th e-book, How to Enjoy your First Year of Marriage is available for sale here or if you would like to pay for it by online bank transfer, you can get the details here.


If you know someone who would like this book, please share this post with them or simply buy the book for them.  You both will enjoy the experience 🙂 .  I look forward to hearing from you.

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