attract quality men

Do you wonder why you’re not meeting the right men?

Do you think all the good men are already taken?

Do you only attract married men?

Are you depressed because you’re single?

Do you want to be happy and in a loving, supportive relationship that will lead to marriage?


If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions then you’ve come to the right place!


If you’re tired of relationships that go nowhere, men who seem to want only sex or money from you, if you cry out of loneliness or worry that you’ll be alone forever, worry no more because help is here!


I’ve been in the same place you are right now and I can help you!


The Attract Quality Men e-course is a 4-week online course in which I will teach you my step-by-step attraction system that will transform your life and turn you into a man-magnet.  Yes, it can happen so stay with me here 🙂  This course works by teaching you how to attract the kind of men you want in your life – quality, SINGLE, eligible men.


With this course, you’ll:

  • Learn to create the basic foundation you need to start attracting the right kind of men into your life.
  • Find out what it is you’re doing that is keeping your ideal man from finding you.
  • Learn the simple tools and techniques that will bring the right man for you into your life in as little as 1 month.
  • Turn your love life around completely.


This course is completely online meaning you can work on it anywhere and with it, you’ll get:

  • 4 videos
  • 4 PDF lessons
  • 2 bonus videos packed with tips specially requested by past students.


Wondering why you should trust me?  Here are a few things my clients have said about me.

Lape Soetan isn’t just a coach, she’s a friendly and humble person who is ever ready to listen to you and isn’t judgmental.  I felt elated after our session.

-Aderinsola Majekodunmi


Talking with Lape really did a lot.  It lightened me up.  It redirected my thoughts and my opinions about some things.  I sincerely appreciate the coaching session.

– Lilian Enone


One day I was going through Twitter and came across Lape Soetan and her work so I contacted her.  I narrated my story to her and unlike other people who would throw me a pity party, this amazing woman told me practical things to do and from there she took me through classes via the phone and social media.  Today, I’m happy.  I’m now even looking forward to working with her to help other ladies out there going through what I went through.

Sumbo O.


A few words about me, the creator of the Attract Quality Men e-course


Hi!  My name is Lape Soetan.  I’m a relationship coach and the creator of the Attract Quality Men e-course.  My mission is to help men and women attract and keep the right relationship.  If you’ve been in relationships that have caused you more pain than pleasure, if you’ve been single for so long you’ve almost lost hope of being in a relationship, if you want to find the right person for you but don’t know how, I can help.


The tools and techniques that I know will help you attract quality men are the foundation upon which AQM is built.  AQM is a clear, easy-to-use system that will completely transform your love life if followed properly.  The AQM course is a game-changer and a transformational program.  You will love it!


Frequently-Asked Questions

What happens after I pay for the Attract Quality Men (AQM) e-course?

Immediately after you pay, you’ll receive a notification and a welcome email.  The course will officially begin on the first Monday after your payment has been confirmed.  On that day, you’ll get an email from me with the link to the AQM course page and the password that will give you access to the course materials for the first week of the course.


What will happen during the course?

Every Monday for 4 weeks, you’ll get an email from me letting you know that new material for the week is up and you’ll be given the password to access that new material.  Each week, you’ll also be able to send me one email  with your question and I’ll reply that email with the feedback that you need.

If you’re ready to transform your love life and start attracting quality men, send an email to me lape (at) lapesoetan (dot) com for details on the price of the course and how to pay.


*Please note that fees are non-refundable.