7 ways to know he loves you

Women always wonder if the guy they’re with really loves them.  It’s a basic insecurity most women have.  While there’s no sure-fire way to tell if a guy is crazy about you, usually, he’ll give you signs that let you know he is.  These signs are not proof that he will love you forever and ever or that he will never cheat; neither are these signs things that are used by every single guy out there.  No two people are the same after all but these signs definitely indicate that a guy likes you.  A lot.  So, without further ado, here are 7 ways to know if a guy loves you:

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1 He goes out of his way for you

When someone does something for you that takes a lot of effort and was definitely NOT convenient or easy for them to achieve, you know the person is trying to show you that they care.  When my husband and I were dating, he would sometimes wake up extra early, leave his place on the mainland, drive to the island to pick me up, take me to work on the mainland, pick me up at the end of the day then take me back to the island before heading back to his place on the mainland.  If you know Lagos and 3rd Mainland Bridge traffic well, you’ll know this was no small feat.  When my brother’s wife heard this one day, she opened her mouth in shock and immediately became his biggest fan.

He wants to be seen in public with you

If a guy likes you, he is going to want to show you off and be seen with you in public.  Think about when you get a new top you love.  You probably wear it as often as possible so that everyone can admire it and you can bask in its reflected glory.  Of course, you are not a top or article of any kind but you get the idea.  If a guy is in love with you, he is going to want everyone to see you – the new person in his life who he is so proud of.

3 He doesn’t care what people think about you

I know a guy who was dating this girl who hadn’t quite agreed to be his girlfriend.  His friends kept teasing him about the girl who they felt was just stringing him along.  One day, his friends made a bet with him that he wouldn’t go and see the girl for a week.  That was on a Monday.  My friend lasted till Thursday then broke down and went to see the girl.  His friends laughed and he lost the bet but he got the girl in the end as they are married today.  If a guy loves you, nothing his friends or anyone else says will discourage him from trying to make you his.

4 He’ll want to be with you all the time

Nigeria is a country full of football fans.  At the moment, it seems like half the male population supports a team in the English Premier League and tries to watch every single one of their team’s matches.  By the time a guy who is a die-hard (insert team of choice here) fan starts skipping games to be with you, you know he’s serious.  But it’s not just about football.  Most people have routines, especially when it comes to their social lives.  When a guy starts missing nights out with the guys to be with you, he is trying to tell you something.

5 He introduces you to his friends and family

On its own, a guy introducing you to his friends and family does not mean anything.  It certainly does not mean he is thinking about marrying you or that you should start looking at wedding dresses.  For some men, introducing you to his family is just a faster route into your knickers.  However, if a man introduces you to his loved ones, goes out of his way for you and shows other signs that you are important to him, he is probably trying to tell you that he loves you.

6 He cares about your opinion

A man’s ego and sense of self are very important to him.  If he asks what you think about a shirt he is thinking of getting and buys it after you say you like the shirt, he values your opinion.  It’s not just about frivolous things like clothes though.  I once dated someone who didn’t believe in wearing seatbelts.  That alone should have been a sign that the guy was not for me but anyway, I told him repeatedly how driving without a seatbelt made no sense but he continued to do so, even after almost getting caught by authorities.  It was clear that he did NOT value my opinion (or his life for that matter) and it showed in other ways that he was not crazy about me so I’m happy to say that that relationship ended swiftly.  If you are important to a guy, he will care about what you think.

7 He keeps his word

If a guy likes you, he will call when he says he will call not tell you his credit finished when you call him to find out why he didn’t call.  Trust me, I’ve been there.  If a guy likes you, he will be at your house when he says he will, not send you a text hours later saying he couldn’t make it.  Most of all, if a guy says he will marry you within a year, he will.  Getting married in a registry doesn’t cost much.  Go to a registry near you to find out.  Money is not the reason he hasn’t married you when he said he would; neither is time the problem.  If a man does not marry a woman within the time frame he himself has set, it is because he does NOT want to.  It is sad to say and even more sad to hear it but please believe it.  Nothing will stand in the way of a man who loves you and is determined to marry you.

Like I said earlier, none of these points on its own means a guy is crazy about you but if he does all these things and even more, please know that this man is probably in love with you and is desperately trying to show you that.

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Remember to download your 7 Ways to Know He Loves You cheatsheet by clicking on the image below. (Clicking on the image will take you to a form you’ll need to fill to get your freebie.)

click here to get your free 7 Ways to Know He Loves You cheatsheet www.lapesoetan.com

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