5 great things to do in London

Photograph by Dimitry B

London is one of the most visited cities in the world and there are myriad things to do  there so this is a short list of the things I’ve had fun doing there. 



1.  Chill at the Ice Bar


Being at the ice bar was cool.  Ha Ha.

Almost everything in the Ice Bar is made of … ice – the tables, seats, even glasses.  This alone makes the Ice Bar worth visiting.  The inside of the bar is maintained at -5o throughout the year but fear not, those of you who like me hate the cold, you’re given a special thermal cape with a hood to wear so you’re pretty toasty while there.  Think about what drink to order though as non-alcoholic drinks freeze within minutes of being poured into your (ice) glass.  An alcoholic drink or two may be the better choice.  Just saying 😉

2.  Take a (long) walk down Oxford Street

This famous street packed with shops is about 2.5 kilometres long which is no small feat unless you really like walking.  You don’t notice the distance though if you pop into shops regularly and stop to eat at many of the restaurants and cafes along the street.  Oxford Street can be a bit of a shock for first-timers as there are so many people walking fast and lots of traffic lights; it’s a bit of a sensation-overload.  Having said that, there’s something to be said for going shopping along a street where it seems that people from every country in the world have come to shop too.  It’s fascinating.

3.  Enjoy a musical at London’s West End


You’re not allowed to take pictures of the musical so we took pictures of ourselves instead 🙂

Musicals are a bit cheesy but they are also loads of fun.  The singing and dancing on stage leaves you in awe of the actors who do that every night, sometimes for years!  There’s nothing quite like a musical at London’s West End:  the performances are usually stellar, the atmosphere magical and at the end, you’ll leave wanting more.  Some of the musicals running at the moment are Dirty Dancing, Lion King, Fela!, Chicago and Mamma Mia.  Go see one!

4.  Watch the Changing of the Guards at Buckingham Palace


In front of the gates at Buckingham Palace after watching the Changing of the Guards.  Honest.

Every morning during the summer, ‘new’ guards take over duties from the ‘old’ guards.  This is called the Changing of the Guards and is done with a lot of pomp and pageantry, marching and music and really is fun to watch especially as it seems so quaint.  This ceremony happens from 11.30am in front of Buckingham Palace but you should get there earlier than that to pick a great spot to see the entire event and take pictures.

 5.  Soak yourself in history at the V & A museum.


At the V & A museum.  Yes, I sometimes do silly things in public.

The V & A is a regular museum in that it has thousands of artefacts for you to ooh and ahh over but it is irregular because from time to time, it holds unusual exhibits.  For example, it is about to start an exhibition called The House of Annie Lennox based on the former Eurythmics singer’s career and will display costumes she has won as well as photographs and some of her personal effects like jewellery and awards.  In the past, the V & A has also held exhibitions with Grace Kelly, the Supremes, Kylie Minogue, Matisse, Picasso, Dali and Warhol as themes.  They’ve also held an exhibition titled The Art of Drinking.  Yes.

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