5 great reasons to date a woman in her 30s

Society wants us to believe that single women in their 30s aren’t desirable but of course, that isn’t true.  Whoever you date is a matter of taste and for many men, women in their 30s are exactly what they’re looking for.  For those who aren’t totally sold on that idea and to refresh everyone else’s knowledge, here are a few good reasons why women in their 30s make ideal partners in romantic relationships. 

5 great reasons to date a woman in her 30s www.lapesoetan.com

Single women in their 30s:

1.  Are confident

Women in their 30s tend to be confident.  They’ve seen a bit of life and have more experience.  They know how to make the good times last and how to scale through the bad times coming out on top.  The confidence single women in their 30s have makes them more attractive.  And since it seems men generally want to be with the most attractive woman in the room, it makes sense for men to go for single women in their 30s.  What happens if you date a single woman in her 30s and find yourself and your date in a room filled with single women in their 30s?  That means you’re in a room full of attractive, confident women.  What more could you want in a social situation?

2.  Are more financially stable.

Women in their 20s are just starting out in their career.  Usually, this is synonymous with being broke.  So if you meet a woman in her 30s, the odds are that she has a bit of money.  That’s good news for any guy wanting to be with her.  It means that she won’t constantly be asking you for money to do her hair or other such rubbish.  It also means that if you have a bad month or two financially, she can support you, saving you from borrowing money from dodgy money-lenders and banks with sky-high interest rates.

3.  Have established careers

If a woman is established in her career, she is in a better place to help you with yours.  Not only will she have connections that may help you and your career but she may also be able to give you useful career advice when you ask for it.  A woman who has worked her way up in her career is better able to empathise with her partner.  She will understand your troubles and provide a good sounding board.  Better still, she will actually be interested when you talk about work and not be bored to tears by it.

4.  Have better control of their emotions.

Women are often described as the more emotional sex.  Whether this is true or not can be argued till the end of time.  What is certain though is that women in their 30s are better able to handle their emotions.  They will not turn into a crying wreck asking you Gestapo-style questions when they see a strange number on your phone.  In fact, a woman in her 30s is not likely to be looking through your phone.  She knows what’s likely to be in it anyway and sees no point in it.

5.  Look better

Okay, so a woman in her 30s may not have the lithesome body of a 20-something year old lady but she certainly knows how to make an impact with what she has.  Women in their 30s are more sensible.  They know that not every fashion trend must be followed slavishly.  They know what their best asset is and know how to accentuate it.  Furthermore, women in their 30s have more money and can afford to dress better.  Sure, a 20-something year old girl can look hot in a Forever 21 mini-skirt but a 30-something year old woman will not only be able to pay for a Herve Leger bandage dress, she’ll know how to work it like nobody’s business.


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