10 things you can do today to be happy while single

10 things you can do today to be happy while single www.lapesoetan.com

Women sometimes tell me that life is boring when they’re single.  They say they’re sad and life is no fun as a single woman.  I agree that life CAN be boring when single but the emphasis here is on the word ‘can’.  Life is boring when you let it get boring.  If you want fun and excitement in your life, YOU have to do something about it.  It won’t happen on its own.

To give ideas of what you can do to make yourself happy while single, I’ve come up with a list of things you can do TODAY to start you on your way.  These aren’t things that will make your heart race with excitement but they will certainly give you ideas and who knows where things will lead from there?

As promised, here’s my list of 10 (plus 2 bonus ideas!) of things you can do TODAY to be happy while single:

  1. Take yourself out for a drink or meal.
  2. Read a book.
  3. Email a friend.
  4. Call someone you haven’t spoken to in ages.
  5. Get 5 new songs you like and add them to a playlist on your phone.
  6. Re-watch a movie that always makes you smile.
  7. Write down 5 things you like most about yourself.
  8. Think of 3 people who always make you smile and send them messages.
  9. Get some fresh air. It’ll do you good.
  10. Paint your nails (or even someone else’s nails) and admire the work of your hands.


  1. Look through pictures of places you’d like to visit one day. It doesn’t matter whether or not you can afford to travel right now.
  2. Go to the cinema, buy the biggest bag of popcorn you want and enjoy it shamelessly while watching your movie.

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