10 questions to ask yourself before you get married

10 questions to ask yourself before you get married www.lapesoetan.com

When you’re dating someone, it’s easy to immediately say ‘yes’ if they ask you to marry them.  With all the pressure from society for women to get married, it’s almost unacceptable to say you want to take your time and think over your decision.  Sometimes, the pressure isn’t even from society but from yourself.  You’ve dreamt so much about your wedding and are so desperate to get married that when someone asks you to marry them, you quickly say ‘yes’ before they change their mind 😉

Marriage is great and weddings can be fun but before you get swept up in the whole wedding-planning drama, sit down alone in a quiet place and ask yourself some soul-searching questions.  The questions will help you determine if you’re really interested in marrying this person or if you just want to get married.  Your answer to these questions will also give you a hint about what marriage will be like if you choose to go ahead with the wedding.

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Now, here they are – the 10 questions you should ask yourself before you get married:

1 Do you love him?

Consider his personality.  Do you love who he is or do you just love his family or what his money can buy?


2 Are you getting married to him because you really want to or just because he asked?

If he hadn’t asked you to marry him, is marrying this man something you would have wanted?


3 Are you getting married to escape from something?

Don’t run away from your problems.  Try to deal with them instead.  Would the problems you’ll meet in marriage(because every marriage has problems) be better for you than the ones you currently face?


4 Are you happy in your relationship?

If you’re not happy with your relationship right now, it’s unlikely it will get better after you get married.  Why do you think the relationship will be happier after the wedding?


5 Are you excited about marrying this person?

How do you feel inside?  Think beyond the wedding.  Are you looking forward to life as a married couple?


6 How do you feel about his family?

This isn’t a make or break question but you should know that your chances of having a happy marriage are greater ifyou like your partner’s family.  What do you think about them?


7 How do you see your marriage in the future?

You need to be able to see a happy future for your marriage.  If you can’t, ask yourself why that is.  Do you truly believe your marriage will last?


8 What are you bringing to the marriage?

Marriage is a partnership.  The other person is going to bring some things to the table and you should too.  What do you think makes you the perfect person to marry your partner?


9 Are you ready for change?

No matter how much you and your partner love each other, there will be bad times.  There will be plenty of good times too but it’s important to ask yourself if you’re ready to go through bad times with the person you’re about to marry.


10 What is your heart telling you about your impending marriage?

It’s okay to feel nervous about getting married.  In fact, it’s expected.  Weigh your emotions in your head.  Which feeling is stronger within you – sadness at the idea of marrying your partner or happiness?


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